About Us

We're a bunch of regular people who have been saved by an amazing God. We believe that while our sin is a huge problem, God has an even bigger solution.

God's plan was to send His son Jesus,
who came into our world, died on the cross in our place,
and rose again from the grave to offer us eternal life.

What we believe

We believe in God the Father Almighty,
creator of heaven and earth; Jesus Christ, God's only Son; and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus  was crucified for our sins,
died in our place, and was buried. 

 We believe that Jesus rose from the dead,
ascended into heaven, and will return one day to judge. 

 We believe that Jesus offers life and salvation to anyone who trusts in Him;
that salvation is a gift, not by anything we do.

 We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in us;
He transforms us to be like Jesus, He helps us to know God through the Bible,
and He empowers us to take the gospel to the world

Ministry Team

Geoff Hearne is our senior vicar at All Saints. He is married to Catherine and they have 4 adult children, and currently 4 grandchildren. He has been in full time ministry in the Armidale Diocese since moving to the country from Sydney in 1993. Geoff enjoys pottering in the garden, reading and holidays at the beach. 

Geoff and Catherine want to help people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour as they share the good news of the gospel with others. They love helping people grow and mature in their faith. Geoff enjoys teaching people to understand the Bible so they can know Jesus more fully and serve him more faithfully.


David Thompson assistant minister at All Saints and joined the church in 2022. He is married to Emma, and they have two children. David and his family moved up to Moree after studying at Moore Theological College in Sydney. David loves sharing with people, preaching and teaching about God’s amazing grace found in Jesus and encouraging God’s people to keep putting their hope in and trusting Jesus. 

During his free time David loves spending time with his family, getting outdoors and exploring new places. In the few quiet moments David has, he enjoys siting down and reading a history book or two.

Philip van't Spyker  is an assistant minister at All Saints church. Philip is married to Jessica and they have four fantastic children. They moved to Moree from Central Queensland. They love sharing the life changing message of Jesus with everyone, especially young people.

Philip enjoys cooking meat on a BBQ, smoker or spit roast and is always up for a visit to any farm.


Rev James Jones was the first resident minister at All Saints Anglican Church Moree in 1888. The foundation stone for our church was laid in 1890 while Rev T.E. Fox was Vicar. Before this, the people of Moree were visited by ministers, mainly from Warialda. The vicarage, which is still in use today, was built in 1907 and renovated in 1976. 

In 1935, the original wooden All Saints was demolished and a new brick church was built in 1936. There was a 'hurricane' in 1948 which blew out the west wall of the church. This was repaired with strength in mind; the addition of the Warriors' Chapel, in 1951, gives All Saints multiple areas for services and prayer. In 1976 the Parish Hall was built and remains in frequent use today, the hall is a greatly appreciated addition to the church grounds.

Within our parish is: St Martin's Church at Pallamallawa (built-in 1895), which was rebuilt in 1925 and now called St Mark's, and St John's Church at Terrry Hie Hie established in 1961. In 1911, a church was built in Ashley but became unused in the 1980s. 

Warrior's Chapel

All Saints Moree